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By Ted Cox | July 17, 2017

Commercial construction cloud based technology, Microsoft 亿博电竞 365

Many commercial  construction companies rely on cutting edge equipment in the field, now it’s time to deploy modern technology in the office. Multiple, disparate systems that are no longer efficient or meeting business needs hold businesses back, stifling growth. Modern cloud-based technology provides forward-thinking construction companies with the ability to keep pace with the modern business practices needed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Construction projects are traditionally paper-heavy, encompassing multiple documents including RFPs and contracts, blueprints, specifications, and customer communications. While they are the very lifeblood of the project, they also introduce risks. Download “ Are You Ready for the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry ?” to learn how a digital transformation will help you break through the limitations of paper by reinventing document management processes.

Transform Project Document Management With Microsoft 亿博电竞 365

Managing important project information on paper is risky. It’s difficult for field employees to access information needed on the job site, and project managers struggle to access real-time data needed to keep projects on the right track. Deploying a unified business management solution, like cloud-based Microsoft 亿博电竞 365 , will transform document management, adding a layer of security and confidence to the process. Here’s how digitizing the office provides an advantage:

  • Workflows and templates: Microsoft 亿博电竞 365 offers customizable workflows your people can use when creating, reviewing and approving RFPs, contracts, invoices or other important documents. Create templates for commonly used reports and forms to improve consistency throughout your enterprise.
  • Secure documents: Employees, contractors, and clients can access project-specific documents from a project account within Microsoft 亿博电竞 365. Your people will be confident they have the most current version of the document when making project-specific decisions.
  • Improve communication and collaboration: When your entire project team is working from the same set of information, project managers are able to take a proactive approach to keeping projects on track. Monitor costs and schedules in real-time to avoid budget overruns or scheduling conflicts.
  • Expedite billing: Whether on the job site or in the office, project managers will be able to accelerate billing and receipt of milestone approvals. Streamlining the billing process gets invoices out faster, which means you get paid faster.

I’ve seen how our clients have been able to use Microsoft 亿博电竞 365 to keep up with fast-paced construction projects and ensure high-value customers get the attention they expect. Download the eBook and contact 亿博电竞 to learn how to replace paper-based processes with a more efficient, digitized solution.

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