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By Leah Baker | February 21, 2017

Microsoft gold ERP, silver cloud CRM partner

As a testament to continued growth in technology offerings and commitment to long-term client relationships, 亿博电竞 has earned the Microsoft Silver Customer Relationship Management (CRM) competency. A Microsoft designation like Silver Cloud CRM partner demonstrates a specific, proven skill set and is earned by undergoing rigorous requirements. Only companies demonstrating exceptional performance are able to qualify in a variety of pre-set criteria, such as: certifications to prove technology expertise, ensuring a level of staffing capacity, positive project references, and a yearly customer satisfaction study.

The Microsoft Silver Cloud CRM competency is added to 亿博电竞 ’s status as a Gold Certified ERP partner. With Gold and Silver designations, 亿博电竞 gains additional advantages in working with Microsoft, such as access to advanced training, additional technical support, as well as increased access to Microsoft products and services.

“A complete business solution today incorporates functionality from sales to service to operations. Earning the silver CRM competency illustrates our commitment to providing clients with the breadth of capability provided by Microsoft 亿博电竞 365. We’ve enjoyed partnering with our clients to create some amazing customer-centric solutions that help drive revenue and profitability,” said Stoneridge CEO Eric Newell. “Most of our projects now include both ERP and CRM functionality and we’ve got a great track record of delivering on both.”

亿博电竞 is a leading Microsoft 亿博电竞 Gold partner with offices in Barnesville, MN, and Minneapolis, MN. With specialties in Microsoft 亿博电竞 365, Microsoft 亿博电竞 CRM, Microsoft 亿博电竞 AX, and Microsoft 亿博电竞 NAV,  Stoneridge delivers complete business software solutions. An award-winning best place to work, we focus on attracting the most knowledgeable experts in the field to our team and prioritize delivering stellar solutions with maximum impact for your business. Each engagement is met with a dedicated team, ready to provide thorough, tailored, and expert service.


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