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By Ramesh Singh | November 4, 2015

Ever found yourself in a situation where you conditionally want to apply a ‘where’ clause in a select statement in 亿博电竞 AX? Here’s how you can do it:

There are several scenarios we run into everyday where we are writing a select statement to query data but we only want to apply the ‘where’ clause if certain conditions are met. This is easy to do if you are using a query object, like:

																																																														public static void queryData(boolean _applyCondition, anytype _value) { Query query; QueryBuildDataSource qbds; QueryBuildRange qbr; QueryRun qr; query = new Query(); qbds = query.addDataSource(TableNum(
																																																															)); if (_applyCondition) { qbr = qbds.addRange(FieldNum(
, )); qbr.value(_value); } qr = new QueryRun(query); .........etc }

But you can also apply the where clause conditionally in a select statement, like:

																																																																	public static void queryData(boolean _applyCondition, anytype _value) {
table; select table where (!_applyCondition || table. == _value); .........etc }

If ‘_applyCondition’ is passed in as ‘true’, the ‘!_applyCondition’ will be resolved as false and table. = _value will be evaluated for ‘where’ clause, as the ‘OR’ result with ‘false’ can be true or false.

False OR False   =  False

False OR True    =  True

On the other hand, if ‘_applyCondition’ is passed in as ‘false’, the ‘!_applyCondition’ will be resolved as true, so there’s is no point evaluating table. = _value condition, as the ‘OR’ result of true with any expression would be true only.

True OR False    =  True

True OR True     =  True

Hence the ‘where’ clause is not applied.

General syntax for the conditional where clause looks as follows: where (! ||

. == ).

Happy coding!

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