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By Jim High | September 8, 2020

Microsoft has released information on a licensing promotion available for current 亿博电竞 NAV and 亿博电竞 GP users. We recommend all NAV / GP users reach out to your software partner to find out how they might benefit from this program prior to their next annual enhancement payment.

Microsoft NAV & GP License Program Highlights:

1. Rather than paying your annual enhancement in one payment, it is instead spread equally into 12 monthly installments.
2. You retain your same users and system access to 亿博电竞 NAV/GP
3. You gain access to 亿博电竞 365 Business Central with up to four times the number of licenses you currently have
4. You have the opportunity to upgrade to Business Central within the next three years while you have access to both systems
5. If you do not transition to Business Central by the end of the three-year period, you lose access to Business Central but retain your same licenses and access to 亿博电竞 NAV/GP

Who Does This Program Benefit?

1. Companies interested in budgeting for a monthly payment rather than paying a large annual fee.
2. Users interested in exploring Business Central without a firm commitment
3. Businesses ready to transition to the cloud

Why Should You Take Advantage of This Promotion?

1. You’ll continue to receive full enhancement plan benefits for 亿博电竞 NAV/GP
2. You’ll have dual rights for both GP/NAV and Business Central
3. At the end of the promotion, you can upgrade to Business Central or keep 亿博电竞 NAV/GP – there is no risk of losing your current system or data

What Should You Do Now?

This promotion can only be applied at the date of your next software renewal. We strongly encourage you to speak to your Stoneridge account manager or your partner about your options today so you can put a plan in place prior to paying your next annual enhancement. Call us at 612.354.4966 or reach out here for more information .

Watch a recording of our informational webinar to learn more.

Q&A From the Webinar

Q: How would an upgrade/migration to Business Central effect on-prem, is it only for the cloud?
A: The current licensing is geared towards only the cloud

Q: Do we have the option to just keep using the concurrent license model?
A: No. If you plan on moving to Business Central, you are moving towards the named user model.

Q: Do the granules go away on the Business Central cloud license? How does this affect ISVs we currently have?
A: Yes, the granules would go away in the Business Central pricing model. If you would like a follow-up conversation about the effect on ISVs, reach out to your account manager.

Q: Do we continue to use the on-prem version and then go through migration to Business Central when ready? What is the cost of that?
A: During the transition of on-prem to Business Central you would continue to use your on-prem solution. If you would like to talk about the cost associated with migrating to Business Central, reach out to your account manager.

Q: Does the SmartConnect integration manager work in Business Central? And do the integrations have to be rewritten?
A: The SmartConnect integration manager does exist in Business Central. You can migrate the connecter over but it does have to be repointed to the new fields in the Business Central solution.

Q: How do we manage the named licenses when employees leave?
A: When moving to the new license you inactivate it for one user and then activate it for another user. The old user will still be in there but will not be identified as an active user.

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