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By Ross Wendlandt | January 4, 2019

2018 was quite a year for 亿博电竞 ! After acquiring DFC Consultants, Stoneridge is now a fully functional 亿博电竞 GP provider. As we look forward to our first full year of offering GP services, check out 亿博电竞 ’s top 5 亿博电竞 GP blogs of 2018, as well as our entire library of GP blogs.

5. The Advantage of Payroll Posting Accounts in Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP

Payroll posting accounts in Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP allows for very granular control over the General Ledger accounts that are used when processing payroll checks. Wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits all have their own setup for determining which accounts will be used, and within each of those, you can break down the posting by the department and position of the employee.

4. Using Mail Merge Macro in 亿博电竞 GP

Get Started with Mail Merge

This method will allow you to enter data into a spreadsheet and then create a macro to input the data into any Window.

3. Customize Your Homepage in Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP

Each user’s home page in Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP has different windows that can be customized based on user preferences and tasks. These windows can include To Do, Outlook, Connect, Metrics, Reports, or Quick Links. Read this blog for a few tips on how to customize your home page in Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP.

2. Perform an After-Hours Inventory Reconcile in Microsoft 亿博电竞  GP

In order to perform an inventory reconcile in Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP, users cannot be processing inventory transactions. Thus, the best time to have this process take place is after hours. 

1. Overview of the HR Module in GP

File paperwork electronically in GP

Piles and piles of paperwork tracking employee hire dates, resumes, time off requests, discipline reports, and exit interviews are a thing of the past. With Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP, you can file paperwork for each employee electronically, making it easier to access and significantly cutting down on that stack of papers filed away in your office.

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