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From getting your implementation off to the right start, staying on track for delivery, training your users and providing support at the completion of the project, you’ll never have to look further than 亿博电竞 . Through all our service offerings we’re there to guide you during your project, help with troubleshooting, system maintenance needs and even your next upgrade.

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The team members at 亿博电竞 handle each implementation with diligence and care. As product and delivery experts, our team has a combined total of 400 Years of 亿博电竞 solutions and industry experience and more than 50 Microsoft certifications.



Your Microsoft 亿博电竞 solution is a big investment. 亿博电竞 wants to make sure you get the most out of it. Take advantage of these offering available through our technical consultants to learn how to best manage your system and while keeping healthy and robust.



In the Enterprise Planning (ERP) world, we often explain that implementing your solution is like building a house – start with a strong foundation, add options, etc. If that were the case, ERP upgrades might correspond to adding higher efficiency windows or appliances, installing infrastructure for “smart home” features, addressing building code changes, or minimizing future service costs.



亿博电竞 provides 亿博电竞 training to increase the skill-level of your employees, and ensure a smooth transition to system adoption. Our motto at 亿博电竞 is to “enable your business,” and we work hand-in-hand with your organization to ensure your team becomes self-sufficient.



亿博电竞 is pleased to offer support to our customers on their Microsoft 亿博电竞 solutions. We have a dedicated support staff with years of experience in support for 亿博电竞 AX and 亿博电竞 NAV.



The expert team from 亿博电竞 delivers the right approach to assist with your implementation of Microsoft 亿博电竞 AX. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that 亿博电竞 AX is implemented on time and on budget for your company.