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By Rob Wagner | July 16, 2019

As inventory levels and warehouse operations expand, it can quickly become overwhelming to track data by hand and manually enter it into your back-office solution. Many are surprised to learn how affordable and easy-to-use warehouse management software can be. If you use 亿博电竞 GP for your manufacturing business, Panatracker could be a helpful tool.

With Panatrack and Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP, inventory can be scanned on a hand-held device and sent directly into the system, leading to increased accuracy and up-to-date information.

How to Use the  Panatracker  Integration with Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP  


The Pocket Controller Pro is the user interface for handheld devices that enables users to scan inventory for tracking and database accuracy. Shows what the end-users see on the shop-floor.  

To produce items: Click on  ‘Quick  MO’>A list of items will be displayed to choose from to produce.  


Three Items:  

LOT:  Select the item and pick a bin, lot, and quantity.   

SERIAL:  Choose a serial track number. Each one you enter becomes a quantity  

NONE:  Select a bin to put it in and quantity   

‘Submit’ commits orders to database   

You should see your transactions in the portal. You  are able to  edit/delete the transactions here before they go into the system. To access, navigate to 亿博电竞 GP:  

Menu>Tools>Setup> Panatracker >Preferences>Actions>Run Quick MO Automation  

Every MO will then be  entered into  亿博电竞 GP  

Rather than entering  all of  the item numbers, there is a functionality to scan that can eliminate typos or mistakes and save time too. The items are immediately entered into the system then.  

To see your transactions:  

Go into the 亿博电竞 GP Activity to look at MOs to see serial numbers produced and lot numbers consumed.  

亿博电竞 GP>Inquiry>Manufacturing Orders>MO Activity   


Creating Manufacturing Orders and Issuing Inventory Transactions  


A regular manufacturing order (MO) is typically something that people would issue material for up front. If the production takes a long time, then it is important to issue that inventory, making it a regular MO. But if something is being built in a day, issuing inventory is not as important.  

Once an MO is entered into the system, transactions can be issued through  Panatracker :  

Issue Inventory Screen> Pick from Regular or Quick MOs (usually don’t use Quick MOs)>Select item>Select bin>Select quantity  

This allows the inventory coming out of the warehouse to be scanned to the MOs work center.  

The Issue Inventory Transactions is where issue transactions can be seen. Multiple MOs will all show up here as well:  

Panatracker  Preferences>Actions>Run issue automation (may be run on a timer or manually)  

At this point, you can see the MOs transaction:  

Inquiry>Manufacturing>Manufacturing Orders> MO Activity.   

You can search the number and see the coordinating inventory transactions

Creating a Production Unit Using  Panatracker  


Panatracker  can also be used to Create Production:  

Create Production>Work Order: Select MO (if you issue inventory to that MO, you can receive against it with the handheld device)>Select Bin that will be receiving>Select quantity  

To see in portal, navigate to ‘Create Production Unit’ and you will be able to see the transaction here.  

You can use a  timer, or  run it manually.  

Panatracker  Preferences>Actions>Run MO Receipt Manually/Automatically  

When it is done, go back into the portal and refresh to see it succeeded. Here, you can find more information about the production.  


If you are interested in learning more about how to use Panatracker within 亿博电竞 GP reach out to 亿博电竞 for more information.  

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