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By Jackie Olson | January 20, 2020


I have Document Routing Agent (DRA) and printers set up in PROD. How do I set up DRA in non-prod so I may test print in UAT?



You will need to install the DRA on a different machine (not the print server being used in PROD).


Steps to Add DRA in Non-Prod for 亿博电竞 365 Finance and Supply Chain:

1. In PROD, go to Org admin> Setup> Network printers. You will see all the printers you have already set up for PROD.

2. Select the printer to see which server the DRA is installed for each of the printer in the list.

3. Next login to your UAT environment and go to Org admin> Setup> Network printers.

If you do not have any printers setup in UAT, you will need to install the DRA on a machine that currently doesn’t have one already. So, if you go back to this same form in PROD and click on each printer there, you will see the servers where you have DRA installed already for PROD. You will need to install a new DRA on a machine that does not have a DRA installed for the UAT environment. You can’t use the same DRA for PROD and UAT. Hence you need a new DRA for UAT. Once you have the DRA installed on this new machine, you can then set it up for your UAT environment and add your check printer to the UAT DRA. Refer to this Microsoft article: Install the Document Routing Agent to enable network printing for details and note the pre-requisites and requirements that are also listed.

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