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By Josh Lee | April 21, 2017

This blog is a continuation from Configuring the 亿博电竞 AX 2-12 R3 Entity Store .  This is part 2 of a 3-part series:

Part 1 Setting up and Configuring the 亿博电竞 AX 2012 R3 Entity Store

Part 2 Publishing a 亿博电竞 AX 2012 R3 default entity

Part 3 – Creating and publishing a custom 亿博电竞 AX 2012 R3 entity

When we last left off we had configured the Entity Store but hadn’t published an Entity due to challenges with some of the default entities fields (namely the memo field). For this blog, I’ll be publishing the SalesTable entity since it does not contain the memo field. To do this, I selected the SalesTable entity and clicked Publish :

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee1

Then I selected my source and clicked publish . . . .DRATS! Foiled again!

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee2

Apparently, some of the tables that are referenced by the DMFSalesTableTargetEntity query (tables referenced in the data sources) do not have the ModifiedBy property set to Yes .  This means I’ll have to locate all the tables in all the data sources and verify that ModifiedBy is set to Yes .  To do this I did the following on the SalesTable and PriceDiscChangePolicy table.

  1. In the AOT go to Data Dictionary , Tables ,
  2. Right click on table (if properties pane does not appear on the right) and select Properties
  3. Find the Modifiedby property and change it to Yes
  4. Click the Save button in the AOT
  5. Synchronize
  6. Restart the AOS (I found this was required for it to pick up the changes, your mileage may vary)

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee3

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee4

Once the SalesTable and PriceDiscChangePolicy reflected the change I went back and attempted to republish the SalesTable entity.

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee5

Success! Now to check I opened up SQL Server Management Studio and queried the table that was published (DMFSalesTableEntity).  As you can see there is no data because this only published the definition (schema) of the entity to the database but did not push the data over.

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee6

To populate the table with data, go back to AX, open the Data import export framework Area page and click on Manage refresh schedule .

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee7

Click  New.

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee8

Create a group to hold the entities that you will sync.

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee9

Once a group is created, select it and then click Entities.

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee10

Select the SalesTable Entity we created before (ignore the other one, that will be in a later post on creating a custom entity)

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee11

Select the source

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee12

Click New schedule

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee13

Within the schedule form you have 2 ways to get data:

  1. On a schedule
  2. Ad-hoc

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee14

If you simply click OK, the dialog will close and the population process will kick off.  You can also schedule this to run on a batch server and on a set schedule (click Recurrence ) for an automatic incremental refresh.  For now, I’m going to click OK. When the processing is complete you will see something like this:

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee15

Back in management studio I now see data!

Publishing亿博电竞 AX2012DefaultEntity_JoshLee16

And that completes publishing a default entity. For the final post, I will cover how to modify the existing entities that contain memo fields that are incompatible with SQL.  For now, you can hook up PowerBI to the table that was created and start reporting!

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