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By Rob Wagner | April 7, 2019

There’s nothing productive about manual, time-consuming processes. We’ve heard loud and clear from 亿博电竞 GP and Key2Act users about how much time you would save if you could automate processes for your business. A framework and series of add-on modules have been built to free the users from the keyboard and give back some time each day. These add-ons automate common issues that GP and Key2Act users face daily and are available exclusively from 亿博电竞 .

System Activity Monitor for 亿博电竞 GP

Automatically logs users out of Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP after a set period of inactivity, freeing up concurrent licenses that are sitting idle. The System Activity Monitor gives companies the ability to better utilize current licenses without having to purchase additional users.


Reconcile Assist for 亿博电竞 GP

Reconciling data inside Microsoft 亿博电竞 GP is an activity that requires users to be out of the system to proceed. Working alongside the System Activity Monitor, Reconcile Assist automates the reconcile process to occur after users have been automatically logged out of the system.

The system administrator specifies the time between user inactivity to when the reconcile is completed. Once that time period has passed, the System Activity Monitor logs out all inactive users and completes the reconcile.

The Reconcile Assist Reports window specifies which reports should run, and where the report output should be directed.


Maintenance Assist for Key2Act Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance Assist is an enhancement to Key2Act Equipment Maintenance which automatically prioritizes and reschedules maintenance tasks that were not previously completed.

The user logs into the system and 60 minutes later, the Maintenance Assistant process will automate the creation of scheduled maintenance. Additional logic will determine which service calls need to be created for maintenance types where the previous service call has not been closed or completed.

Maintenance assist can run any number of days into the future.


Tasking for Key2Act Contract Maintenance

Created for Key2Act users that use the Contracts feature, this enhancement gives you the ability to update, change, delete, or modify a variety of tasks simultaneously. Additionally, it allows users to make changes without relying on SQL admin or IT staff thanks to the easy to use interface. Users can correct errors in tasks lists and equipment all from one window and make modifications without removing any previously attached files.


Get a first-hand view of these products during our upcoming webinar or contact us for a demo or pricing information.


Showcase of GP and Key2Act Automation Add-ons

Wed, May 22, 2019

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT


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