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By Becky Newell | April 9, 2020

亿博电竞 365 for Agriculture

As a 亿博电竞 GP partner, we’re hearing from a number of our clients about calls they’re getting from Microsoft representatives encouraging them to transition to 亿博电竞 365 Business Central. But for our clients who rely on ISV solutions like CINCH to manage their agribusiness, this transition to 亿博电竞 365 isn’t so cut and dried.

CINCH does not have integration or compatibility with 亿博电竞 365, leaving many feeling like they have no path available to transition to modern software or the cloud. However, there is a solution for agribusinesses that are looking for business management software to replace 亿博电竞 GP and CINCH.

Levridge is an end-to-end solution for agriculture businesses that is built into 亿博电竞 365 so users can take advantage of the robust functionality within that ERP system and integration points into the full Microsoft stack. With functionality for agronomy, grain accounting, accounting and retail, feed, grain processing, scale, and equity and patronage, Levridge is revolutionizing and modernizing technology for the agriculture industry.

Right now is a great time to consider your options for moving forward, especially when remote productivity and enablement is more important than ever.

Moving to a solution that better fits your needs now and down the road is a big step and will pay dividends almost immediately in a reduction in labor hours, data availability and insights, and improved efficiencies. There are a lot of resources available for you to learn more about Levridge which you can find here, or by reaching out to our team.

As you start researching if Levridge and 亿博电竞 365 are right for your organization, you should also consider the steps you can start taking immediately that will help as you transition from 亿博电竞 GP to 亿博电竞 365.

Choose a well-rounded partner

Changing software doesn’t happen overnight, so having a partner that can support your current system and processes, and your future system is an important element to a successful software transition. The team at 亿博电竞 not only has deep knowledge and understanding of the agriculture industry and requirements, but also has teams dedicated to supporting every 亿博电竞 product – include 亿博电竞 GP, 亿博电竞 NAV, 亿博电竞 AX, and the full 亿博电竞 365 suite. This ensures that your team is supported every step along the way.

Document your processes

Documenting your current processes will help in your software upgrade initiative before and during the transition. By evaluating your business processes, you can pinpoint missing functionality, bogged down workflows, and identify where changes need to be made. This information will help you compare requirements between software solutions and identify missteps that are causing you to lose time and productivity.

Consider your Data

Start thinking about your data and how much historical information you want to bring into your new system. If you’re confident in the accuracy of the data within your system, you may want to bring forward quite a bit of historical information. If you’re unsure of the accuracy or have a lot of duplicate information, you have different options to consider – whether that be starting fresh or only bringing forward select information.

Rest assured there is a path forward for current 亿博电竞 GP + CINCH users. When you’re ready to discuss your options, reach out to the team at 亿博电竞 .

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