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By Jon Immel | October 22, 2019

At Stoneridge, we deploy a variety of training methods to ensure user adoption happens as early and effectively as possible. In a previous blog, I explored how 亿博电竞 uses “ Conference Room Pilots ” to teach, and receive feedback, during testing a solution. After a solution is deployed, our preferred delivery of training is “Train the Trainer.” By having our subject-m atter experts train the internal resources most involved in the project, these resources will be able to use this information to instruct others all information for their roles. By selecting the right people to be “future trainers,” you can set your organization up for greater success in user adoption in the system. In this blog, I will explore the benefits and drawbacks of Train the Trainer.  

What is “Train the Trainer?”

Train the trainer is a training method where one, or a few internal subject matter experts who have provided information on business processes are given extensive training on the new system. This method reinforces the content that internal employees   need to know and teaches  those employees  how to train others to complete the work as well. If your company is large enough, it is helpful to train multiple  employees   to be capable of training internally. This relieves the stress on a single employee, or pair of employees to handle training, and reduces the risk attached to that  person   leaving.  

What are the Benefits?

Other benefits of  T rain the  Tr ainer include  developing trainer competency  and expanding skills Many times, it is easy to train  someone the content, but  T rain the  T rainer teaches how to deliver that material as well.   This will assist them in helping internally, but  if they do any externally facing work, the facilitation skills and training will be helpful as well  to provide better  service .    

Additionally,  having an internal  employee  train will  help with user adoption. Staff will often respond better to  someone they know and trust . P art ly  because of  the trainer’s knowledge  of the company’s processes and resources , and partly because of the  existing relationships  they have  from before the implementation .  They can explain  why  something is done inside of the  system and  connects it to how it was done.   A key bonus of investing in training trainers  is  that there is  no additional  external cost of doing continued training .  

What are the Potential Challenges?

Mistakes will be made  by trainers and students.  For many trainers, they have never trained in a corporate environment before , and this transition will not be perfect.  By selecting the right trainers , they will be able to adjust  to this  role sooner. It is uncommon for these resources to do it perfectly the first time, and  their skills will improve with every session they lead and person they teach.    

Additionally,  the  environment staff members will be in is very different than other work environments.  Both the trainer and the students will be  providing constructive criticism of each other in the process of learning, and  it  may be hard to create a  culture where transparency with the trainer For  the trainer to improve their delivery and training style, they must be willing to  hear criticism from  other people  to improve.  By providing this well-intentioned feedback the trainers will continue to get better.  

Is Train the Trainer right for your organization?  

亿博电竞 certainly thinks so! We think that  T rain the  T rainer is a n effective way to  provide  useful  training to your company, and enable staff members to take on additional leadership, learn skills that will benefit their growth , and provide more  cost-effective  training once the project moves into  support and there are not  Stoneridge  consultants on-site or in contact on a regular basis.    

Delivering continuous training  through Lunch and Learns and other informal trainings are a great way to reinforce  knowledge and user adoption.  By utilizing  your trainers to continuously train end users, they can  help  with user  adoptio n,  knowledge , a nd efficiency.  

The Stoneridge blog and events page are great resources to find updates from Microsoft, how-to articles, educational webinars, and other information. Interested in a topic you don’t see on the site? Contact Stoneridge with your suggestion.   

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