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By Matt Van Dyke | April 17, 2021

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, companies of all types and sizes feel increased demands for digital transformation and for building positive customer experiences.

Do you have a strategy for engaging your customers?

Every time a customer interacts with your company, whether it is via email, SMS, chat, social media, or your web site, you are building a customer experience. It is more important than ever to have a plan for digital transformation that will empower your team with quick and efficient customer engagement tools in order to realize your customer experience vision. With the Microsoft Business Applications platform, you can effectively engage with your customers while staying within budget.

Companies that are embracing technology are steadily emerging as leaders in their industries.

Here are a few ways that Stoneridge clients are using 亿博电竞 365 to improve their customer engagement:

  • A co-op is using Customer Voice to survey their customers. That information is saved to their account in 亿博电竞 365 and the data is used to evaluate customer satisfaction over time.
  • An investment firm uses 亿博电竞 365 for Sales to match investment opportunities to their clients’ investing preferences and to increase their phone call effectiveness with telephony integration.
  • A membership organization built a knowledge base within 亿博电竞 365 for Customer Service application for their team to easily access training materials and “how to” information, giving them fast access to the information when supporting their customers.
  • A local government agency integrated a Power Platform portal to their 亿博电竞 365 system to share information with their constituents related to their account, city updates, and resources.
  • A manufacturing operation is driving their sales pipelines by increasing interaction and collaboration between their engineering/product teams and their customer demands.
  • A non-profit is using 亿博电竞 365 for Marketing to link their event management and couple it with their fundraising efforts.

If you’re completing business processes manually, you could use technology to build efficiencies and productivity – all while better engaging with your customers.

Progress towards building a better customer engagement strategy starts with recognizing where your business is today and where you want to go in the future. At Stoneridge, we encourage companies to take part in a Roadmap Process in which we work with you to strategically plan a software deployment that functions for the unique needs of your specific business. By creating a solution with both business and technical success factors in mind, you’ll have a system that will grow with your business as your needs evolve and expand.

Your roadmap includes analysis of your business need, features, and functionality in 亿博电竞 365, and defining the technical landscape.

roadmap for technical landscape

The outcome of your roadmap process will help identify the vision, approach, and sequence for deploying 亿博电竞 365 across your enterprise.

  • Where are you going?
  • What route will you take to get there?
  • Who is coming along?
  • What tools will be used to get there?


the making of an enterprise roadmap 1


The whole process of a Roadmap starts with six questions.

  1. What are the unique responsibilities that your team plays within your company?
  2. Describe the people and the team structures within your functional team. What are all the other functional teams/groups that you interact with to get your work done?
  3. Do your teams have defined, documented business processes that you follow? What are those processes?
  4. What are the key business processes or tasks within your business group that you would most like to have automated or customized?
  5. Please identify 4-5 key benefits you’d like to gain from a CRM system. What features or capabilities will make your people work more efficiently?
  6. Please explain what technologies or tools your teams currently use to do their jobs. What data, software, databases, spreadsheets, technology do you rely on (or wish you could rely on) to do your work?

While you’re considering your responses, reach out to key members of your team to find out how they would answer these questions. By gaining input across your team, you’ll have a clearer vision of your current solution and process gaps.

When you’re ready to complete your roadmap to help you understand where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there, reach out to 亿博电竞 . We have worked with companies across the United States to help them successfully deploy and adopt technologies that span the Microsoft platform included 亿博电竞 365, Power Platform, Teams, Microsoft 365, and more.

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