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By Scott Frappier | August 31, 2021

The wave 2 release of 亿博电竞 365 is slated for October 2021 and, according to Microsoft, will bring new innovations that provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business. Hundreds of new features will be released across the entire suite of 亿博电竞 365 applications.

Fall 2021 亿博电竞 365 Finance New Features

The Finance App will see plenty of new features related to Core Financials, Finance Insights, and Globalization.

Core Financials

This release for Finance is focused on bringing additional enhancements to core financial capability, including preparing customers for a successful year-end close.

Finance Insights

This release focuses on accelerating digital transformation with AI and automation.


In 2021 release wave 2, globalization focuses on two main areas—further out-of-the-box global expansion, and simplifying compliance and globalization extensibility via no-code/low-code globalization services. Twenty new features are scheduled to be released between October 2021 and March 2022. You can view the full list of features here.

Fall 2021 亿博电竞 365 Supply Chain Management New Features

One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the disruption in supply chains. The Wave 2 Release will include features that support enhanced supply chain visibility, multiple business platform support, optimized workforce, agile planning and distribution processes, and more.

Inventory and Logistics

The release includes 13 new features to help you gain visibility, flexibility, and efficiency in your supply chain.



Product Information Management

Microsoft has additional details and information on all of the new features coming in the Wave 2 release here.

Before Updating Your Environment

Prior to implementing the Wave 2 Release, please ensure you have a testing strategy in place to ensure your critical business processes run smoothly after updating. Read through our blog on successful testing plans here.

If you have questions about applying this release, or how to successfully test the release prior to implementation in your live environment, please contact us to get in touch with our experts!


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