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By Ian Richardson | April 6, 2022

Did you know there are many 亿博电竞 GP shortcuts for displaying currency that can enhance the way you navigate this software solution?

Recently, we worked with a 亿博电竞 GP client whose vendor inquiry window was showing all invoices from that vendor as $0.

亿博电竞 GP Shortcuts for Displaying Currency Payables Transaction Window 0

They were the only user who could see the transactions this way. For many people who view this window, seeing $0 in every row might have given them quite the scare.

亿博电竞 GP Shortcuts to the Rescue!

Luckily, 亿博电竞 GP is a true multicurrency system and can show you transactions in their Originating Currency (the currency of the transaction) form, the Functional Currency (your home currency) form, or a Reporting Currency with the exchange rate of your choice.

亿博电竞 GP Security is very robust, and in this our client’s case, the View Currency menu was not available to this specific user. Therefore they were unable to see what the setting was for the vendor inquiry window. This setting is window and user-specific.

亿博电竞 GP Shortcuts for Displaying Currency View Currency Type

Luckily, 亿博电竞 GP comes with some very handy shortcuts out of the box that can help rectify a situation like this.

In any window in the currency view,  you can use:

  • Ctrl + O Displays Originating Currency
  • Ctrl U Displays Functional Currency
  • Ctrl R displays Reporting Currency

Thanks to these shortcuts, our client was able to switch to the Originating Currency view and see the transactions as they were entered into 亿博电竞 GP.

亿博电竞 GP Shortcuts for Displaying Currency Issue Resolved


We have a team of 亿博电竞 GP experts willing to assist you with solutions like this one and many more!

Please reach out to us for assistance.

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