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By Marcus Haug | March 6, 2020

Data Migration 亿博电竞 GP to D365 Business Central

Microsoft is continuing to develop new tools and easier paths to migrate data from on-premise 亿博电竞 solutions like 亿博电竞 GP to Business Central. The 2020 Spring release of 亿博电竞 365 Business Central includes a variety of enhanced tools that make moving specific information easier.

Enhanced 亿博电竞 GP Chart of Accounts Migration

Customers will now have the ability to see the segments from 亿博电竞 GP assigned to the transitions in Business Central. This way, customers can run reports by dimensions to see the breakdown of amounts by those dimensions.

Ability to Migrate All or Only Active Customer Master Records from 亿博电竞 GP

This new feature in the migration toolbox allows 亿博电竞 GP users to choose if they would like to migrate all customers from their current environment, or only customers who have an active status. Additionally, all customer addresses can now be migrated, which wasn’t possible previously. Before this release, only the primary address was able to be migrated.

Migrate all or only active vendor master records from 亿博电竞 GP

Similar to the previous tool, this allows users to migrate either all vendors from their current environment or choose vendors with an active status. All addresses, and not just the primary, are also able to be imported into Business Central.

Enhanced 亿博电竞 GP inventory data migration

The cloud migration tool that is currently in use allows users to bring over inventory data. However, in this update, the amount of inventory data that can be migrated is expanded. Now data related to location setup information, quantities on hand, serial lot and lot setup information, and serial and lot numbers of the quantities of items that are on hand can be migrated over to Business Central from 亿博电竞 GP.

Historical data from Receivables, Payables, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Inventory

Historical data from some of your key modules can now be migrated from GP to Business Central. This data can be used in Power BI reports and Power Apps. In Business Central online, the data is included in the SmartList views in the Customers, Vendors, and Items lists. Learn more .

Read more about migrating data to Business Central in this blog: How to Migrate Data to Business Central During your Upgrade Transition

As Microsoft continues to invest in these connectors and integrators, it is becoming even easier for current 亿博电竞 GP users to transition to Business Central. If you’re interested in learning more about moving to Business Central, reach out to our team .

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